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Welcome to IOLITE

Home of the Original Butane Vaporizer, WISPR Portable Vaporizers, and Pilgrim Vape Pens.

The original IOLITE – the ultimate portable vaporizer. Our first portable vaporizer is still a classic and a best-seller.

Not just pretty to look at, the WISPR2 portable vaporizer combines first-class design and ease-of-use.

IOLITE Vape pens include classic vape pens based on the ego ecig and our new and innovative “Pilgrim” vape pen.

Why Iolite?

From the moment we designed and produced the world’s first butane powered vaporizer, it’s always been about the user-experience and quality for us. Designing good looking vaporizers is one thing. Providing you, our customer with everything you want in a vaporizer is something else. And that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd – we know how to combine good looks and usability in one perfect package. Be it our original IOLITE vaporiser or our premium WISPR2 product, we know a thing or two about vaporizers.

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