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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • April
  • Butane is safe as houses Read Article
    Butane is safe as houses

    Let’s make one thing 100% clear. Butane is 100% safe when used correctly, and atIolite, we've been making products that are powered by butane since 1984. You may not even realise that butane gas is also used in everyday products like shaving foam and aerosols, and so much more. Today, we’re going to look at what butane is and why we use it to fuel your WISPR2 vaporiser...


    • What is butane – As a naturally occurring gas, butane is found beneath underground rock formations. Just like petroleum oil is extracted, it can also be sourced by using professional drilling methods. It is favoured over many alternatives and one of the main advantages is its improved fuel efficiency. Compared to similar gases like Propane for example, it’s at least 10% more energy efficient and that’s what makes it so suitable for portable devices.
    • Where is it used already – well known for its safety, butane is already found in a wide variety of applications and daily products. If you’ve ever used shaving foams or any aerosol products like a body spray or deodorant, you’ve already used butane. Not forgetting camping stoves, cigarette lighters and more. This proves that when butane is applied correctly, it’s as safe as houses.
    • Why it works great for vaporizers – put simply, we use butane for our Iolite vaporizer because we think it’s the best option available. A butane-fuelled device means there’s no heavy battery and it will add little or no extra weight to your backpack or camping gear. Before you head off, you can fuel upor even bring the canister with you to make sure you’ll never run out. And with one can of gas lasting for on average 2 months, it’s great value too. Your Iolite vaporizer runs for around 2.5 hours on a fill of butane and don’t forget that when you use butane, you get an instant recharge.
    • What it means for you – now, there’s no need for electricity, for chargers or plugs. Once you have your can of butane, you’re ready to refuel and relax. And no rechargeable batteries required either.

    And that’s why we use butane here at Iolite. Safe,efficient and quick. Butane power isyour best bet when it comes to heating your herbs. And Iolite is the specialist butane-powered products on the market. Keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Twitter to stay updated



  • Researchers move one step closer to mind-controlled vaporizers Read Article
    Researchers move one step closer to mind-controlled vaporizers

    In a move that is at least three years ahead of time, researchers in the New Zealand city of Wellington have successfully conducted trials for vaporisers that may have the power to be controlled by the mind. Although this may sound like it’s more at home in science fiction, its base is firmly rooted in science and it could be a major breakthrough for remote control devices worldwide.

    Using a sample of 100 volunteers, placebos were included in the experiment to ensure accuracy. Each person was given a small tablet, also called an ‘enabler’ to activate or switch the genes that are most receptive to mind development. After several years experimenting with serotonin and internal DNA switches, scientists finally uncovered the method by which mind control may be possible.

    In the experiment itself, 10 out 35 vaporizer users that were not given placebos were successfully able to alter dosage and increase the intensity of their individual vaping experience. The science behind it was reported as ‘basic combustion-driven-thinking’. The tablet administered orally activated a genetic switch which in turn enabled the tripling of serotonin that would normally be released. This high dosage of serotonin tricked the brain into experiencing a much more/much less intensive feeling than before. Scientists have reported the experiment to be an enormous success.

    Researchers at the famed Fitzpatrick Institute are also conducting significant work into numerous areas including the use of the lesser-known substance daucus carota and its impact on the endangered Oryctolagus cuniculus. Algerian lead scientist Dr. Abrawn Amadawn looked forward to more interesting research in the future. “This is only the beginning but we are cautiously optimistic that genuine control will be an option by 2021”.

    At Iolite, we’re glad to bring you all the latest industry news and if there’s anything else you need to know about how this will impact on your Iolite vaporiser, you’re sure to hear it from us. Keep watching our blog for the latest news.

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