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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • June
  • Happy Fourth of July! Read Article
    Happy Fourth of July!

    Independence day Vaporizers for the 4th of July!

    We’re delighted to say ‘Happy Birthday America’ to all our American friends. With so many happy customers on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s only fitting that we devote a few lines to one of the world’s most famous celebration days. So, how will you be spending your day and will your favourite vaporizer play a part in helping you truly relax? With lots of family and friends stateside, we’ll take this opportunity to reminisce about our own 4th of July memories...

    • Fireworks – all over the world, when we think ‘fourth of July’, we think fireworks. From huge public displays to kidding around in the backyard, it’s all about fireworks this week. So, if you remember being loaded into the car as a kid and heading out to your nearest display or if you’re the one doing the organising, you’ll know there’s something nostalgic about fireworks and the ‘Fourth’.  Or in your own back yard, you may even set off some fireworks yourself. Let them go and then sit back with your Iolite vaporizer and take in the moment. We don’t want to be the killjoy or sound like your mom, but keep your wits about you when using fireworks and make sure everyone gets home in one piece.


    • The cook-out – whether it’s chilling out the back with your friends and family or being part of a bigger neighbourhood party, food and drink play a huge part in the big day itself. Add a vape to the mix and it all makes for a truly relaxing day out. From traditional foods like apple pie and ice-cream, it’s that time of year where you can pig out guilt-free. And of course, there’s the hot-dogs. And homemade burgers and cheese steaks. Picnics, coleslaw...I’m drooling now...


    • The ball-game – Ok, we admit... we don’t really get all your sports but we do enjoy the occasion. What’s more American than a day at the ball park? Summer means baseball and the day out with family and friends. Or it means everyone crowding round the TV in the backyard with even more hotdogs...


    • Movies & TV – perhaps we don’t want to admit it but TV or movie marathons are always a lazy option. Some of the networks go all out and put together some real good stuff but others just show reruns...either way, we’ll watch it anyway...!!


    Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve been stateside for the Fourth, so let us know what we’re missing and how Iolite is going to help you truly relax this Fourth of July weekend.



  • May's Number One Superfan - Ian Nichols Read Article
    May's Number One Superfan - Ian Nichols

    The lucky winner of our SUPERFAN HAMPER for the month of May is Ian Nichols! Congrats and thanks to all you guys for your continued support, the hamper was well earned and it is our pleasure to reward the continued engagement of our fans. Keep your input and ideas coming!

    IOLITE Superfan hamper winner! Don't argue with Sentinel!

    "Thank you for choosing me for your facebook super fan! The reason I love iolite so much because it's simple, discreet, and elegant!"

    Every month, we’re giving one lucky fan an opportunity to win some cool IOLITE stuff to the value of $400 - See more at: Iolite Superfan page - Click Here.

  • Vape around the world – the Iolite road trip Read Article
    Vape around the world – the Iolite road trip

    It’s that time of year when we’re all looking forward to what’s traditionally our big holiday over the summer. And we‘re always hearing from so many of you all over the world who love to travel. Nothing quite beats a road trip and especially one where you take your Iolite Vaporizer along for the spin. Today, we’ll look back on our last roundtrip all the way to the great city of London. After jumping in the car in our hometown of Carlow in the southeast of Ireland, we set off and looked forward to what lay ahead. The plan was to take turns with the driving so we could all take turns to relax too.

    And then on to Dublin, our nation’s capital and one of Europe’s liveliest cities. Here, we swapped drivers at last (!) and also managed to find some great spots in Dublin to kick back. And with WISPR2 by our side, we could really relax in style. With incredible views from Howth, it was great to really get out on the road.

    Belfast was next on the horizonand we all jumped back in the car (some of us alot happier than others) and headed north all the way to the main city in the North. A beautiful city with a famous and tragic history, modern Belfast is great stop on any trip. We had to take in the Titanic museum before setting out for the Giant’s Causeway.

    This incredibly cool rock formation is on the North coast and attracts tourists from all over the world. A geological phenomenon by nature, the mythology is much cooler. They say it was built by a 50ft giant called (pretty appropriately!) Finn McCool and that was much more fun to picture than millions of years of rock movements!! The Giants causeway just has to be seen.


    And before we knew it, a few driver changes and a ferry later, we made it to London and have we got some stories for you??! If there’s a better city in the world for taking in the moment and truly relaxing, we want you to tell us about it. From Greenwich to Camden town and so many little hamlets in-between, we chilled out all over this wonderful city and we’ll tell you the full story real soon...

    We started the 'Vape-around-the-world' blogs because we want to find out all about your own roadtrips. Tell us about your latest trip and you can even share the photos with us on Facebook or twitter. Follow us if you haven’t done so already... Can’t wait to hear all about it...






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