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Monthly Archives: July 2015

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  • Summer Vaping - Had Me a Blast! Read Article
    Summer Vaping - Had Me a Blast!

    Summer Vaping - Had Me a Blast!

    Summer sun and longer days has us dreaming of ways and places to enjoy our favourite Vaporizer, Iolite. The beauty about Iolite is the freedom to enjoy on the go and the comfort to relax in your favourite spot without looking for the nearest charge point! We love to hear from our customers all over the world who found their perfect vaping spot. Some are truly spectacular and some are spectacularly private. For most people when the sun comes out, using your vaporizer becomes part of a ritual socially. So where will you enjoy Iolite this summer?

    We’ve had a think about what makes for a perfect kick-back spot. So for this summer here are our recommendations:

    Isolation - Sometimes when its too hot outside or to get away from the hustle and bustle
    of life, just kicking back in our own space is often more relaxing! Yes we like our own
    space and where else better to enjoy our favourite vape experience!

    Hustle: While some people like their own space, some of us love nothing more than kicking back and vaping in a busy city park or sidewalk café. Just watching all these people caught up in the commotion and bustle of a busy life makes us want to relax even more!

    Water & Natural Beauty: When the sun comes out, we have a craving for the great outdoors! With the flow of the river or sound of the sea or taking in breath taking landscapes, it’s a perfect escape from busy city living! There’s just nothing more powerful than taking in the moment and better still if you have your WISPR2 along with you.

    Sports: Speaking of outdoors, what better way to enjoy the summer than hitting the waves surfing or taking part in other extreme sports! The competitive edge in us all drives us to go push our limits. After all that adrenaline, what better way to relax and enjoy the coolest way to vape?

    Music Festivals: Summer time means one thing…music festivals! Can you think of a better way to enjoy your favourite music with friends! What’s great about summer music festivals is the eclectic mix and variety. Whether you choose to go to Lollapolooza, SXSW or the Electric Picnic, Iolites vaping experience remains the same. Finding that right moment while listening to your favourite song, what a great way to vap with friends and savor that moment. Perhaps instead of waving a lighter to your favourite song, maybe you could wave your Iolite!

    Remember the song ‘Summer time when the living is easy’. In the case of modern living this is not always true. However when the sun is out and the days longer, take a break from busy living. Find your favourite spot, kick back, vape and relax.

    Let us know your favourite vaping spot, get in touch by checking out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/iolitevaporizers  or check out our IOLITE and Wispr Vaporizer or Vape Pen range…

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