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Monthly Archives: October 2015

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  • 5 reasons to Vape Read Article
    5 reasons to Vape

    People often ask us many varying and different questions about the benefits of our vaporizers as an alternative to regular smoking. When it comes to the most important factors for people for what you look for in a vaporizer we have narrowed it down to these 5 factors that we know is most important to our customers.

    1. Healthier – Versus smoking the health benefits of vaping are no carcinogenic smoke, no combustion when used properly, cooler temperatures, no shortness of breath and no damage to blood vessels from harmful carbon monoxide. No second hand smoke.

    2. Break the Habit - From our experience, and the experience of our users, vaping is not just a fad .. it's a complete change in lifestyle, and it's here to stay. The health benefits alone should be enough to entice users to consider it as an option to making a positive change to break their smoking habit.

    3. The Delivery – A lot of people ask what the production is like when comparing our vaporizers vs smoking. Of all the reviews that have come back to us they each say the same thing. Once it's charged fully and when the recommended functionality is being used you get the same satisfaction as smoking, better efficiency from the ingredients and a smoother vaping experience. Also, as our vaporizer uses Butane to charge instantly, you don't need to plug in your vaporizer for hours to charge, just fill it and go!

    4. Social – What's not to love? No smoke, no odors, white teeth and it's discreet, pack it, charge it and you're ready to go. Less preparation means you can enjoy what you do all the time without all the unnecessary struggles of digging through your pockets for a lighter. The vaping experience could definitely be described as more stylish than smoking, with plenty of different colors and design to choose from. Vaping replaces smoking as part of your coffee/ tea rituals and anywhere you would typically expect to have your social smoke e.g. in nightclubs, bars cafes and restaurants to name a few.

    5. Money – I think we speak for us all when we talk about money and our habits! When you are a regular smoker the daily costs include tobacco, rolling papers, filters and lighters and you need to have these on you at all times as opposed to a vaporizer. You are secure in the knowledge that the bits and pieces you need for your vaporizer have a set shelf life and is more financially manageable and last much much longer.

    Why not tell us your vaping story? How long you have vaped? Did it help you stop smoking? Do you find you are saving money? Let us know!
    For more information on our products please contact us here.

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