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Sit on a beach or sit anywhere – it’s about relaxation

We love to hear from our customers all over the world who found their perfect vaping spot. Some are truly spectacular and some are spectacularly private. And that’s spurred us on to write this blog. So, we’ve had a think about what makes for a perfect kick-back spot? We’ll cover some considerations below and keep in mind that if you’ve found the perfect spot, we understand if you want to keep it to yourself.

What makes a truly great kick-back spot?

  • Isolation – so often, we hear back from our customers about being on deserted beaches or mountain trails or even quiet city streets so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out we like our space!


  • Hustle – and for everyone that likes isolation and getting lost, there’s someone who loves nothing more than kicking back in a busy city park or sidewalk café. Just watching all these people running around in such a rush really helps them relax...go figure!


  • Water & Natural Beauty – we’re not sure whether it’s the power of the ocean or the mystery of a strong river current, but so many of you guys relax near natural water. Without getting too hippy-esque, we reckon it probably helps you connect with the great outdoors that bit easier. It’s the same deal for spectacular mountain gorges or incredible landscapes. There’s just nothing more powerful than taking in the moment and if you have your WISPR2 along with you...better again.


  • Weather protection – as powerful and stunning as the great outdoors are, sometimes we do need just a little protection from the elements. As stunning as the ocean looks in heavy rain, it probably feels even better if you’re looking on from a sheltered cave or shack. For that perfect relaxation spot, a little shade from a piercing sun or shelter from a busy climate don’t sound too bad at all.


  • Easy to get to – we all like to reach for the skies but keep in mind that this is one spot you’ll need to get to and from pretty easily. So, a 6 hour drive to your perfect spot may sound good on paper but you may not be feeling too good after three hours in a car on the way! Just look around, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and if your vaping spot is that country road overlooking two fields just a few miles away... enjoy the moment.

Finding the right spot where you can really relax and unwind with your WISPR2 should be nice and easy. Today, we’ve just given you our idea of what makes ‘the right spot’ but we’d love to hear from you to see what you think...why not drop us a line on Twitter hashtag #vapespot https://twitter.com/iolitevapor/


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