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  • 5 reasons to Vape Read Article
    5 reasons to Vape

    People often ask us many varying and different questions about the benefits of our vaporizers as an alternative to regular smoking. When it comes to the most important factors for people for what you look for in a vaporizer we have narrowed it down to these 5 factors that we know is most important to our customers.

    1. Healthier – Versus smoking the health benefits of vaping are no carcinogenic smoke, no combustion when used properly, cooler temperatures, no shortness of breath and no damage to blood vessels from harmful carbon monoxide. No second hand smoke.

    2. Break the Habit - From our experience, and the experience of our users, vaping is not just a fad .. it's a complete change in lifestyle, and it's here to stay. The health benefits alone should be enough to entice users to consider it as an option to making a positive change to break their smoking habit.

    3. The Delivery – A lot of people ask what the production is like when comparing our vaporizers vs smoking. Of all the reviews that have come back to us they each say the same thing. Once it's charged fully and when the recommended functionality is being used you get the same satisfaction as smoking, better efficiency from the ingredients and a smoother vaping experience. Also, as our vaporizer uses Butane to charge instantly, you don't need to plug in your vaporizer for hours to charge, just fill it and go!

    4. Social – What's not to love? No smoke, no odors, white teeth and it's discreet, pack it, charge it and you're ready to go. Less preparation means you can enjoy what you do all the time without all the unnecessary struggles of digging through your pockets for a lighter. The vaping experience could definitely be described as more stylish than smoking, with plenty of different colors and design to choose from. Vaping replaces smoking as part of your coffee/ tea rituals and anywhere you would typically expect to have your social smoke e.g. in nightclubs, bars cafes and restaurants to name a few.

    5. Money – I think we speak for us all when we talk about money and our habits! When you are a regular smoker the daily costs include tobacco, rolling papers, filters and lighters and you need to have these on you at all times as opposed to a vaporizer. You are secure in the knowledge that the bits and pieces you need for your vaporizer have a set shelf life and is more financially manageable and last much much longer.

    Why not tell us your vaping story? How long you have vaped? Did it help you stop smoking? Do you find you are saving money? Let us know!
    For more information on our products please contact us here.

  • Sit on a beach or sit anywhere – it’s about relaxation Read Article
    Sit on a beach or sit anywhere – it’s about relaxation

    We love to hear from our customers all over the world who found their perfect vaping spot. Some are truly spectacular and some are spectacularly private. And that’s spurred us on to write this blog. So, we’ve had a think about what makes for a perfect kick-back spot? We’ll cover some considerations below and keep in mind that if you’ve found the perfect spot, we understand if you want to keep it to yourself.

    What makes a truly great kick-back spot?

    • Isolation – so often, we hear back from our customers about being on deserted beaches or mountain trails or even quiet city streets so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out we like our space!


    • Hustle – and for everyone that likes isolation and getting lost, there’s someone who loves nothing more than kicking back in a busy city park or sidewalk café. Just watching all these people running around in such a rush really helps them relax...go figure!


    • Water & Natural Beauty – we’re not sure whether it’s the power of the ocean or the mystery of a strong river current, but so many of you guys relax near natural water. Without getting too hippy-esque, we reckon it probably helps you connect with the great outdoors that bit easier. It’s the same deal for spectacular mountain gorges or incredible landscapes. There’s just nothing more powerful than taking in the moment and if you have your WISPR2 along with you...better again.


    • Weather protection – as powerful and stunning as the great outdoors are, sometimes we do need just a little protection from the elements. As stunning as the ocean looks in heavy rain, it probably feels even better if you’re looking on from a sheltered cave or shack. For that perfect relaxation spot, a little shade from a piercing sun or shelter from a busy climate don’t sound too bad at all.


    • Easy to get to – we all like to reach for the skies but keep in mind that this is one spot you’ll need to get to and from pretty easily. So, a 6 hour drive to your perfect spot may sound good on paper but you may not be feeling too good after three hours in a car on the way! Just look around, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and if your vaping spot is that country road overlooking two fields just a few miles away... enjoy the moment.

    Finding the right spot where you can really relax and unwind with your WISPR2 should be nice and easy. Today, we’ve just given you our idea of what makes ‘the right spot’ but we’d love to hear from you to see what you think...why not drop us a line on Twitter hashtag #vapespot https://twitter.com/iolitevapor/


  • IOLITE Superfan Winner June 2014 Read Article
    IOLITE Superfan Winner June 2014

    Say hello to June's superest fan — Nicole Lonergan! As one of our most prolific and high-quality commenters we are glad to be able to reward her engagement with this IOLITE Vaporizer Hamper.

    Iolite superfan hamper winner June 2014

    "I'm so thrilled to have won Iolite superfan for the month of June! Your vaporizers have allowed me to enjoy my plant material in a safe and enjoyable way. I am definitely an Iolite fan for life and will continue recommending Iolite to family and friends, not only for your amazing vaporizers, but also for your fantastic customer service and because you're an Irish company. Couldn't be happier! Thanks Iolite."


    The IOLITE Facebook Superfan competition is taking a break for the next few months but be sure to like our page and share your thoughts about our products and other fun topics, you may be in with a chance of winning a hamper at some point in the future!

    Be the first to hear about our promotions and be eligible for special discounts by liking us on Facebook: IOLITE on facebook

  • At your service – vaporizers and vaporizer parts ready and waiting when you need them Read Article
    At your service – vaporizers and vaporizer parts ready and waiting when you need them

    Your vaporizer has become part of your routine. Whether you relax every day or unwind just at weekends, it’s became something that you really enjoy doing and something you really look forward to. So, if you need spare parts, a new product or even a repair job done, it's crucial it’s done as soon as possible and you can get back to your routine when you want to. That’s why, at Iolite, we prioritize ‘service’ and ensure you get what you want ....when you want it.

    • Our customer service team – it starts with our people. A committed and dedicated team of customer service professionals serve customers all over theworld from our base here in Ireland. No matter where you are or what timezone you’re in, we’ll get someone to deal with your problem and fix it...fast. Whether you get in touch on email, phone, Facebook or Twitter, you’re assured professional service from seasoned professionals.
    • Positive experience – we prioritise you the customer not just because it’s the right thing to do. It also ensures you have a positive experience with us and when the time comes to buy spare parts or a new product, we hope you’ll remember Iolite as the guys in this business who know what we’re talking about.
    • We know our customers/we know you – if there’s one thing we know, it’s you, our customers. We know when and where you use our products and when you’re looking forward to some downtime, the one thing you need is your vape in top shape.
    • Be a good listener – good service is a lot like a conversation. Just like when you go to your local convenience store, you know the store owner and you get the products you need – well we want to have that conversation with you. So, in future, if you want to know what’s going on in the industry or need help on specific product-related issues, you know you can come to us and you can trust us to handle your query with ease and professionalism.

    Our focus on customer service is about more than us doing the right thing. It’s about setting the benchmark in our industry for service and professionalism and how things must be done the right way. By the way, feel free to email us right now with any queries we can help you with.

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  • May's Number One Superfan - Ian Nichols Read Article
    May's Number One Superfan - Ian Nichols

    The lucky winner of our SUPERFAN HAMPER for the month of May is Ian Nichols! Congrats and thanks to all you guys for your continued support, the hamper was well earned and it is our pleasure to reward the continued engagement of our fans. Keep your input and ideas coming!

    IOLITE Superfan hamper winner! Don't argue with Sentinel!

    "Thank you for choosing me for your facebook super fan! The reason I love iolite so much because it's simple, discreet, and elegant!"

    Every month, we’re giving one lucky fan an opportunity to win some cool IOLITE stuff to the value of $400 - See more at: Iolite Superfan page - Click Here.

  • How to clean and maintain your Iolite vaporizer Read Article
    How to clean and maintain your Iolite vaporizer

    Now that you’ve bought your IOLITE vaporizer, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Even though it’s a premium product designed with a long life in mind, to ensure it works at a premium level, it’s a good idea to know how to maintain it. In this blog, we’ll look at the basics and treat the three main elements one-by-one to make it easier for you.


    Filling chamber

    Directly after each use, the filling chamber will be hot so please take care when removing used material. Also, you’ll find that generally after each use, dried pipe tobacco/plant materials can be tipped out of the filling camber pretty easily, whereas moist pipe tobacco may stick to the sides from time to time. If material doesn’t readily fall out, you should gently remove it witha wooden toothpick or something similar. Take care not to damage the screen. If you need them, spare filling chambers are available for purchase online or at your nearest stockist.



    And now one of the most important parts – the mouthpiece. To clean the mouthpiece, first unscrew it from the filing chamber. Then remove the moisture condenser with the hand tool provided. After which, you should clean the mouthpiece with the pipe cleaner supplied. It’s best then to disinfect with boiling water. Alternatively you may use Milton or any baby bottle disinfectant. Just like the filling chamber, packs of three extended mouthpieces are available online or can be bought at your nearest stockist.


    Mesh screen

    When the mesh screen becomes blocked, it should be removed and cleaned by rinsing under a tap. If your screen becomes damaged, it’s best to replace with a new one included. You can get spare parts online or at your nearest provider.


    It’s that easy. Looking after your IOLITE will ensure you get the best vaporizing experience and with a fully functioning product, you can truly take in the moment and relax when and where you want. If you still have questions, why not visit our FAQ section http://www.iolite.com/iolite_faqs

    or just get in touch with us.





  • April's Superfan Champion! Read Article
    April's Superfan Champion!

    The winner of our SUPERFAN HAMPER for this month is Jocky Amg Ryder!! Congrats and thanks to all you guys for your continued support.

    Superfan Winne, J. A. Ryder"Thank you Iolite for my awesome hamper I am going to get a few friends round and use it all at the same time ...happy days"

    Every month, we’re giving one lucky fan an opportunity to win some cool IOLITE stuff. - See more at: Iolite Superfan page - Click Here.
  • How to clean and maintain your WISPR2 vaporizer Read Article
    How to clean and maintain your WISPR2 vaporizer

    The WISPR2 is a real thoroughbred in vaporizer terms but like all premium products, its needs a little TLC from time to time. This week, we’re looking at a few simple tips to keep in mind to ensure you get the most from your WISPR2. Just remember to ensure the product has fully cooled down before carrying out any of the following maintenance and cleaning tips.... Clean and maintain WISPR2 in five simple steps:

    • Step 1: Remove the flexible straw mouthpiece and filling chamber from the main body and separate. Now detach the straw tip. Using the pipe cleaner, clean the inside of the mouthpiece.


    • Step 2: If the filling chamber has decided to stay attached to the main WISPR2 body, simply screw in the filling chamber removal tool (as supplied) and coax it out.


    • Step 3: To remove and clean the mesh screen and the C clip, use the Screen Removal Tool (as supplied) by poking the thin tip through the narrow end of the filling chamber. Try and be gentle as these small pieces can spring out...


    • Step 4: You can clean the straw mouthpiece and tip, the filling chamber and the mesh screen in your dishwasher. But as they are quite small, you’ll need to show a bit of imagination regarding where (and how) you stack them.


    • Step 5: When everything is clean, the only fiddly bit will be putting the mesh screen back into the filling chamber. Place it in the chamber, the mesh should be facing out and use the thick end of the Screen Removal Tool to ease it into position. Follow this with the C clip which needs to be squeezed in to keep the mesh screen in place.


    For a product that gives you so much, a few moments of cleaning and prep every now and then is worth it. At Iolite, our focus is on making sure our products deliver the satisfaction and relaxation that you need. If you’ve any further queries on how to get the best from your WISPR2, please get in touch.




  • Butane is safe as houses Read Article
    Butane is safe as houses

    Let’s make one thing 100% clear. Butane is 100% safe when used correctly, and atIolite, we've been making products that are powered by butane since 1984. You may not even realise that butane gas is also used in everyday products like shaving foam and aerosols, and so much more. Today, we’re going to look at what butane is and why we use it to fuel your WISPR2 vaporiser...


    • What is butane – As a naturally occurring gas, butane is found beneath underground rock formations. Just like petroleum oil is extracted, it can also be sourced by using professional drilling methods. It is favoured over many alternatives and one of the main advantages is its improved fuel efficiency. Compared to similar gases like Propane for example, it’s at least 10% more energy efficient and that’s what makes it so suitable for portable devices.
    • Where is it used already – well known for its safety, butane is already found in a wide variety of applications and daily products. If you’ve ever used shaving foams or any aerosol products like a body spray or deodorant, you’ve already used butane. Not forgetting camping stoves, cigarette lighters and more. This proves that when butane is applied correctly, it’s as safe as houses.
    • Why it works great for vaporizers – put simply, we use butane for our Iolite vaporizer because we think it’s the best option available. A butane-fuelled device means there’s no heavy battery and it will add little or no extra weight to your backpack or camping gear. Before you head off, you can fuel upor even bring the canister with you to make sure you’ll never run out. And with one can of gas lasting for on average 2 months, it’s great value too. Your Iolite vaporizer runs for around 2.5 hours on a fill of butane and don’t forget that when you use butane, you get an instant recharge.
    • What it means for you – now, there’s no need for electricity, for chargers or plugs. Once you have your can of butane, you’re ready to refuel and relax. And no rechargeable batteries required either.

    And that’s why we use butane here at Iolite. Safe,efficient and quick. Butane power isyour best bet when it comes to heating your herbs. And Iolite is the specialist butane-powered products on the market. Keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Twitter to stay updated



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