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Home of the Original IOLITE Vaporizer

Oglesby & Butler

Oglesby & Butler - Home of the Original IOLITE Vaporiser

Giving our customers and our partners the kind of support they expect and deserve is all part of the promise at Oglesby & Butler. Quality products require quality service and support. It’s as simple as that.

We are very proud of every product that we produce, from the highest quality materials to the innovative technology employed in every WISPR and every IOLITE. We want to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience when you buy a product from us. That starts the moment you decide what you want to buy, right through delivery and getting to know your vaporizer and ending with the long-term enjoyment of the product. We want every step to be easy, fulfilling and enjoyable.

It’s not always as simple as it sounds, but Oglesby & Butler ensures that customers can come to us with queries and suggestions, or just for information. That’s why we have a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address the most common queries. A Troubleshooting section is also included to outline the situations often faced by users – particularly when starting off. You’ll find our Warranty Policy here – it’s reassuring to know that it runs for two years from the date of purchase.