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Oglesby & Butler

Portability is the keystone of our philosophy, and you’ll always enjoy this with our IOLITE® and WISPR by IOLITE® vaporizers. Our technology and capabilities never stop evolving as we aim to deliver the best vaporizing experience possible. Time after time.

Oglesby & Butler dates back to 1984, when we started breaking the mould and producing products in better, more innovative ways. We employed smart technology and even smarter people and today we have established ourselves as the world leader in our field. If our name sounds familiar, it’s because Oglesby & Butler produce other butane powered tools that are used the world over, under the Portasol® brand name. 

In 2008, our technology expanded into the vaporizer market. We started the portable revolution with our IOLITE® portable vaporizer. It features unique technology and processes to give the smoothest, most consistent user experience. With the IOLITE® vaporizer patented in over 150 countries, we’re planning to provide the world with the best butane powered portable vaporizers.

99% of our IOLITE® products – both IOLITE and WISPR – are designed and manufactured by a team of dedicated employees at our manufacturing plant in Carlow, Ireland. That’s why you’ll see every one of our products proudly stamped "Déanta in Éirinn" - Made in Ireland.

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