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Why it must be IOLITE


From the moment we designed and produced the world’s first butane powered vaporizer, it’s always been about the user-experience and quality for us. Designing good looking vaporizers is one thing. Providing you, our customer with everything you want in a vaporizer is something else. And that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd – we know how to combine good looks and usability in one perfect package. Be it our original IOLITE vaporiser or our premium WISPR2 product, we know a thing or two about vaporizers.


It’s all about you

As our customer and user, we understand what you want in a vaporiser. We’ve listened as you’ve told us of your need for ease-of-use, more control and a complete vaporizer experience. At IOLITE, our focus on service and solid connection with you ensures we continue to make the best products and deliver classic relaxation – IOLITE style.

Butane is best

Put simply, we use butane for our vaporizers because we think it’s the best option available. A butane-fuelled device means there’s no heavy battery and it will add little or no extra weight. And with one can of gas lasting you quite a while, it’s great value too. And not forgetting your Iolite vaporizer will run for around 2.5 hours on a fill of butane and that when you use butane, you will get an instant recharge.


Temperatures and Heating

With a single-temperature-control function and the ability to reach this (210C ) in just 30 seconds, IOLITE’s focus will always be on the customer experience. With both our vaporizers lasting over two hours on one fill of butane, you can be confident of your herbs hitting just the right temperature, giving you the vapor you want.

No battery, no cords…no hassle

Butane makes our vaporizers light to carry as no battery or electricity is required but equally important is the size and shape. Both the IOLITE original and WISPR2 are ergonomically designed and fit comfortably into your hand. Bring it with you on camping trips or further afield without ever having to worry about findings sockets or other power sources.


Review our premium WISPR2 range right now

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