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Common queries answered


As a general rule of thumb, the WISPR takes about 30 seconds to 45 seconds to reach the correct temperature. During this time, a clearly visible temperature light located in the grid casing will glow orange. When this goes off, the unit is ready to use.

There is a Fuel Level Gauge towards the top of the WISPR at both the Front & Back.

Yes, perfectly normal, but it really is only a minimal amount of warmth. The catalytic heater heats up your blend, so the WISPR is likely to get a bit warm with use.

Used correctly, butane gas is perfectly safe in our products and we’ve been making products that are powered by butane since 1984. It’s also worth mentioning that butane gas is used in everyday products like shaving foam and aerosols, so you already use it on and over your body.

It depends on the material that you choose to use. On average you’ll get between 10 and 15 pulls, which is more than you get with a cigarette. An average session is about 15 minutes long.

Again, it depends on the strength of each pull you take through the mouthpiece, but typically it lasts two hours. You can also check how much butane is left by looking at the fuel window on your WISPR.

Butane delivers an instant recharge, unlike batteries. A little butane goes a long way!

Well, we could brag, but that’s not really our style. Actually, it’s a very simple and smart system. Inside the heating unit, there’s a central pin that heats up at the same time as the rest of the chamber. This means that all of your blend heats up at the same time, ensuring that when it’s ready to use your WISPR delivers a smoother and more consistent experience.

Please note, we strongly recommend that you don’t cram the chamber with your blend. This will reduce the efficiency of your WISPR and, as a result, the overall experience.
We sell an additional accessory, ‘the optimiser’, which is a three-pin unit and it warms up your blend even faster.

Ultem is a very high grade, strong, quality plastic. It is used in the hi-tech food industry, so rest assured that it is odourless and tasteless. It is also strong and lightweight. It has minimal heat transfer to keep your WISPR as cool to the touch as possible.

You can only use pipe tobacco. Rolling tobacco can’t be used.

Vapour is different to normal smoking, so if you’re new to using the WISPR, we suggest you take it slowly. Try puffing it like a cigar, just until you get comfortable with it.

If you use your WISPR a lot then certain elements are likely to need replacing, including the mesh in the filling chamber, the mesh in the heat pin chamber, the filling chamber and mouthpiece. You can get these from the local stockist/online retailer where you originally bought your WISPR, or you can buy them from our online store.

Spare parts can be ordered from our online store. Or from the local stockist/online retailer where you originally bought your WISPR.

Sorry, but we don’t recommend it. The catalytic process requires oxygen to work and this can be severely hampered if the WISPR is in its carrying pouch.

We offer a two year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Please fill in the request service form and a member of our great customer service staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.